Gene Haas

Gene Haas learned the metalworking trade at an early age, working in local machine shops throughout high-school and college. A few years after graduating, Mr. Haas opened their own shop where he machined parts for the electronics and aerospace industries. It was there he developed the industry’s first fully programmable collet indexer - a tool that automatically re-positions parts for machining. In 1983, Mr. Haas formed Haas Automation, Inc., to fabricate and distribute the patented device.

Gene Haas originally attended California State University Northridge being an engineering major, but changed his major to accounting and finance. After graduating in 1975, finding the right job proved hard, so he chose to create his own opportunity.

Gene Haas opened Haas Automation and put his indexer into mass production. Because he was able to produce top quality products at a fraction of the cost of his competitors, his company continued to grow and expand until it had become the biggest machine tool manufacturer in the west.

Founder of Haas Automation, Haas CNC Racing, and the own charitable organization, Gene Haas truly knows how to bring success, passion, and charitable giving together. He has proven himself an effective business person and engineer and has demonstrated the importance of community and helping people in need.

In addition to all of those ventures, Gene Haas is really a devoted and passionate philanthropist who uses his business expertise to improve the local, state, national, and international community through charitable giving. Haas founded a non-profit organization in 1999 to finance all of the charities he regularly supports. Those nearest his heart are the charitable organizations which help children and provide food to individuals in need.